ARTOGA retreat

$ 90.00

ARTOGA is available as a private workshop, or group workshop. Please select how many participants will be attending and specify what date you would prefer. You will receive an email confirmation.


ARTOGA combines the transformative powers of art and yoga to provide an awakening and empowering experience that will inspire your creativity. The retreat will focus on the practice of Sivananda Yoga, one of the most ancient forms of yoga that incorporates relaxation, breathing, postures, healthy eating, and positive thinking and meditation.  Through the Yoga practice, we will engage the postures and sensations of your internal energy, which will inspire your creative exploration. You will create a heart map through collage, watercolor paints, acrylic paints, and creative writing which will serve as a vision board for things that you are grateful for. Limited to 10 students. Adults and young adults (13 years and older) welcome!

*registration price includes all materials, snacks and lunch

*workshop led by Laura Brino and Mary Kay Connerton

*located at Main Street Hair Salon 1380 Cape St. Claire Rd Annapolis, MD 21409


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