jovenes artistas in annapolis underground... June 05 2014

after working collaboratively with Jimi Davies and Jeff Huntington in jovenes artistas, I was given the opportunity to be in a feature in Jimi's new magazine annapolis underground. i am really honored to have the magazine highlight my program...and i am so proud of my kids in my program for continuing to persevere each and everyday even when they are facing ongoing hardships in their lives. it's so nice to be able to share these amazing kind of moments with kids who would generally not be able to experience such a thing otherwise. 

moments like these remind me that you just need to put your thoughts out into the world and let them find their way. a little over a year ago, i was dreaming of a program where i could provide a safe environment for kids that needed one. now i am happy to say that i have that safe environment and will be enrolling new kids at the end of the summer. since beginning this program and since working at the school, i have been able to surround myself with like minded creative souls that inspire me to achieve my dreams and every day i feel like i'm a little bit closer.