The journey begins somewhere... June 04 2014


I am so inspired to begin this new journey into my art self. I have been circling around for years now and I have decided that it is a sign that no matter what dreams and schemes come around my way, I end up back at the beginning. J'imagine. Just imagine it. I imagine. My best friend and I dreamt up a studio where we could exist. In all of our art, our music, our dance. We drew pictures of our dream building and we made schedule after schedule of classes that we would teach. Still in my small studio, I have a collection of drawings from that time. The drawings are on top of napkins with ideas scratched onto them from a few years ago. Yet again another circle back to my vision of creating a space that anyone can come and feel the inspiration and need to create. 

I can feel a stronger pull this time. I feel a journey that is starting to grow off of the paper. 


I can't wait!